SlowFeeding SMHN Original®

We have been developing SlowFeeding since 1997 and we have no intention to stop now.


SlowFeeding SMHN Original® is a top of the line assortment of Slow Feeding solutions based on Small Mesh Hay Nets produced in a very tough and UV-resistant polyester. All nets are sewn in Sweden and all materials are produced within the EU and are of the highest available quality.


Having a business relation with SlowFeeding DNAS AB assures you of having axess to the best and the latest in SlowFeeding which most likely is the fastest growning segment with the largest growing potential in the whole international equine business.


SlowFeeding fits right into the environment and health trend that sweeps the world and is most likely the fastest growing segment of the whole international equine market.


All our nets are produced in polyester with a thickness of 3mm and a where the 3cm mesh weigh 356g/m2, the 3.5cm mesh weigh 306g/m2 and 4cm mesh weigh 268g/m2.


Small Mesh Hay Nets (SMHN) are supposed to teach the horse to eat the way he is meant to. Not force him to eat slowly which might make him frustrated. It is essential for horses to eat the way horses have been feeding for millions of years before humans came into their lifes.

A horse is meant to spend most of his day and night (especially night) searching for and nibbling food and there should be no frustration connected to eating since eating is the most natural thing for a horse to do. The production of digestive fluids in i horse are continuous which means that he needs to eat continuously or these acids will burn the inside of his intestines (gastric ulcers). A horse that is hungry but cannot see food will believe he is going to starve to death and that will make him eat too fast and too much when having the opportunity. He should however never be able to fill his mouth with food since doing that overloads his digestive system.

Please visit www.SlowFeeding.com for more facts and information in many languages.



Choosing mesh: (3cm=1+3/16", 3.5cm=1+5/16", 4cm=1+19/32")

My experience is that, in general, 3.5cm mesh is the optimal for all horse (but American miniature horses for whom 3cm is better due to very small noses). Remember that our purpose is not to force the horse to eat slowly but to teach him to eat slowly. A too small mesh size might make the horse frustrated which can lead to that he destroys the net.


  • 3cm mesh is 73% of a 3.5cm mesh and 56% of a 4cm mesh. In layman terms that means 2/3 of a 3.5cm mesh and a little more than half of a 4cm mesh. A 30mm mesh is extremely small and only recommended for horses with special needs. There is also a problem with hay quality when chosing meshes this small. It might work perfectly with a soft hay but it might be completely blocked by a hay with stiffer strands.
  • 3.5cm mesh is 136% of a 3cm mesh and 77% of a 4cm mesh. In layman terms: 1/3 larger than a 3cm mesh and 1/3 smaller than a 4cm mesh. This is the "normal" (and recommended) slow feeding mesh size.
  • 4cm mesh is 178% of a 3cm mesh and 131% of a 3.5cm mesh. In layman terms:2/3 larger than a 3cm mesh and 1/3 larger than a 3.5cm mesh. A 4cm mesh has only small slowing down effects in a hanging net (more when laid loose on top of hay like in a SlowFeeding SMHN Optimal) but does reduce waste. A 40mm mesh size can be perfect as a schooling net for a frustrated horse.


Mesh sizes larger than 4cm has no slow feeding effect and are not to be compared to slow feeding nets.

Mesh sizes smaller than 3cm will only work with certain kinds of hay. coarse strands will block the mesh completely.

A net with a smaller mesh size consists of more material which makes it heavier and therefor more expensive.



Many net sizes come in different models (all with patents pending):

  • 2+ series are traditional 2 layer nets with the exception that the 2 sides are of different mesh sizes. means that you don't have to choose mesh size when you are buying the net since you can choose day by day which side you hang towards the hrse and which side you turn towards the wall. These nets must be hung flat on the wall.
  • 2+ has 1 side with 3cm mesh size and the other with 3.5cm mesh size.
  • 2++ has 1 side 3.5cm mesh and 1 side 4cm mesh
  • 2+++ has 1 side 3cm mesh and 1 side 4cm mesh
  • 3L series are 3 layer nets with 1 layer in 3cm mesh, 1 layer in 3.5cm mesh and 1 layer in 4cm mesh. This gives them 2 compartments for hay that, when hang flat on a wall, serves as a 2 course meal. The hay in the outer compartment is eaten through 1 layer of net and what is in the iner compartment is eaten through 2 layers of nets which will slow down the eating a lot. By turning this net in-side-out the order of the nets can be altered to: 3/3.5/4 - 3/4/3.5 - 3.5/4/3 - 3.5/3/4 - 4/3.5/3 - 4/3/3.5. For Slow Feeding virtuosos this means that you can determine how long the hay will last. If you, for example, want 8kg of hay to last for 12 hours this is the way to go. You can naturally also decide how much of the hay you put in the first and second compartment or if you even put straw in the second compartment.



  • 4+ series are 4 layer nets that we still produce on request. All the 4 layer nets can be turned in-side-out to change the order of the nets and they work even when in use from both sides simultaniuously.
  • 4+ has the outer 2 layers in 3cm mesh and the inner 2 layers in 3.5cm mesh
  • 4++ has the outer 2 layers in 3.5cm mesh and the inner 2 layers in 4cm mesh
  • 4+++ has the outer 2 layers in 3cm mesh and the inner 2 layers in 4cm mesh


The 4+ nets are intended to be used instead of doubling regular nets that will be used from both sides simultaniuously but for Slow Feeding nerds this means that you, since the nets have 3 separate compartments, can turn them in-side-out in I don't know how many ways.



Choosing size:


"Micro", "Mini" and "Small" can be moved when full even by ordinary people. To be able to move a filled "Medium" you would have to be exceptionally big and strong and from "Large" and up the nets are impossible to move when full. Size "Large" has to be permanently mounted on a wall or between two very ridgid poles.


Size "Mini" works perfect hanging in 1 rope but all the other rectangular nets work better hanging flat in both upper corners.


Round bale nets can be put on from the top down (not recommended since there can be a lot of net in multiple layers on top of the hay when there is only a little hay left) or from the bottom up but then there needs to be something to tie the opening to at the height where it is when the bale is full. The RB220 used from the bottom up is the most economical solution of them all since it often saves 50% hay compared to serving a open bale to the herd.



Micro Wide 90x60cm (38"x24")

This net is very small and not intended to be used for daily feeding of riding horses. It can however be perfect for miniature horses and in the trailer if space is a problem.


Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm, 2+, 4+ and 3L models.



Mini 90x90cm (38"x38")

Recommended for 3-4 kg of hay but has a max capacity of over 10kg but that will take you a lot of time that could have been used for more enjoyable chores. Size "Mini" sell half as much as size "Small" on the Swedish market because saving 5 minutes twice a day 365 days per year adds up to over 60 hours (1.5 working weeks).


Size "Mini" is recommended for the trailer or hanging freely as a hay ball from the ceiling (in 1 long rope) which is very appreciated and stimulating for the horse.


Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm, 2+, 4+ and 3L models.







Small 120x90cm (48x36").

Recommended for the box stall.

Easy to fill and easy to move. Does easily take a full small 10kg bale of hay.

Recommended for 6-7kg loose dry hay but have a max capacity of 20kg.



Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm, 2+, 4+ and 3L models.

SlowFeeding SMHN Optimal,

  • Takes 20kg of baled hay or 7kg of loose hay.
  • Natural eating angles.
  • "Hoof proof".
  • Very hygenic. The horse doesn't even stand in the hay.
  • To be mounted in a corner of the box stall.
  • Very durable. Can be pressed into the corner without being damaged.
  • The "net-lid" can be replaced or doubled.

Mounting two net-lids creates two levels/compartments of hay which extends the eating times a lot.


Net lids are available in 3cm, 3.5cm and 4cm mesh.



Patent pending.


Medium 154x105cm (61"x42").

This is the largest SMHN recommended for the box stall.

Easy to fill and possible to move.

Holds what a large horse need for a full day and night


Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm, 2+, 4+ and 3L models.



Large 180x105cm (72"x42").

This SMHN needs to be permanently mounted since it is almost impossible to move when filled. It easily takes 3 small bales or 1 American 2-3 string bale of 60kg (120 lbs).


Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm.





Wide 210x95cm (84"x38").

This SMHN has exactly the same capacity as "Large" but is wider and not as high (it is the same piece of net folded the other way).


Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm.




RB 155. Diameter 160cm, Height 155cm (64"x62").

Fits normal size of round bales.

Recommended for use together with feed rings that fit tight around the round bale. As replacements for their standard nets that often are both flat (not cylindrical), more expensive and have larger mesh size.


This net also exists as:

RB175Big with a diameter of 200cm (80") and a height of 175cm (70").


Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm.





RB 220. Diameter 160cm, Height 220cm (64"x88").

Fits round bales of any size, plenty of small bales or lots of loose hay.

Represents 6% of our sales on the Swedish market.


Please note that this SMHN is not supposed to be suspended only having the top stopped from falling down leaving multiple layers of net on top of the hay when the bale is almost finished.


Shoed horses must, of course, be stopped from being able to step up on the SMHN. Bare foot horses can however not get stuck in the meshes.


If used for herds of small horses you might want to consider a 30mm mesh.




This net also exists as:

RB260Big with a diameter of 200cm (80") and a height of 260cm (104").

Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm.




FR 230,

Diameter 230cm (92") and covers a full round bale standing in the middle of a feed ring for 12 horses. This SMHN is supposed to be applied from the top down.


Nets used this way should be produced to fit the feeder (not the bale). We therefor produce other special design nets for different feeders after measurements from the customer.


Available in: 3cm, 3.5cm, 4cm.


The SlowFeeding SMHN Originals are high quallity products produced within the EU.

Terms and conditions;

Retailers and distributors are welcome from all over the world. Please, Email your inquiry to SlowFeeding@gmail.com

A full pallet is 16-20 boxes.

Please place your order at www.SlowFeeding.net

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